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United Contracting Porch & Deck Additions

Outdoor space can be the highlight of your home.

It increases the value of your property for better resale value, visually changes your curb appeal, and can completely transform the feeling of your home! A front porch addition can provide a covered entry to your home (think of that during the next rainstorm!), and a deck addition can become usable living space, almost like a new room in your home. Check out the benefits of adding a front porch or back deck:

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Adding a front porch to Your Home

A covered porch offers a great spot for socializing with friends in the neighborhood.

Adding a covered entry to your home can change the entire feel of your home and provides protection from the elements.

You can even use a porch to expand your living space by adding a patio for a front room of your house- an office or sunroom for example.

 A front porch can provide privacy for your home.

More Options

Adding a back deck to Your Home

Your back deck will provide a great outdoor entertaining space – it can be an additional dining room or even a bonus kitchen!

Adding a back deck is a great way to divide your yard into “zones”, and you’ll find that you use the space more since it has a specific purpose.

You can choose to leave your deck open, or it can be covered fully or partially by a gazebo, pergola, or something moveable like a cantilever umbrella.

Alternatively, consider enclosing the space further to create a space that can be open to the outdoors in good weather, or mostly closed on a dreary day.

Let’s Make Your Vision Come To Life

Whatever your plans are for your space, our experts are here to make your home addition a reality. Contact us today to request an estimate.

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