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Are Solar Panels Bad for Your Roof?

Solar energy panels are definitely growing in popularity, and It’s easy to see why! They offset electricity expenses, reduce your dependence on the grid, and there are often tempting rebates and tax incentives available. After a few years of using the energy savings to pay off your initial investment, it looks like smooth sailing!

Some homeowners hesitate, concerned that solar panels may damage their shingles or roof, causing holes or leading to a weakened structure over time. As it turns out, the contrary is true. Instead of damaging your roof, properly installed solar panels may actually increase the lifespan of your roof.

The choice to install solar panels or not is a personal decision, influenced by specific details about your home and property. At United Roofing, we know that the integrity of your roof is of utmost importance. We can offer insights about the suitability and readiness of your roof for solar panels, and make any necessary modifications and repairs before the process starts.

3 Reasons to Consider Solar Panels

If you’re on the fence about solar energy panels, consider these benefits of solar panels for your home or business. You may be surprised by what solar energy can offer!

  1. Solar panels protect your roof from extreme weather. Weather is responsible for nearly all the wear and tear a roof experiences. Solar panels act as a barrier that provides a shield against some of the weather your roof endures. While it may not make a huge difference in the lifespan of your roof, you will likely see a reduction in the routine maintenance your roof requires over time. Again, the panels must be installed correctly for this to be true.
  2. Solar panels reduce the heat inside your home. In addition to protecting your roof from regular wear and tear, solar panels shield your roof from the heat of the sun. A frequently cited study by the University of California demonstrated that solar energy panels reduce the heat that reaches your roof by 38%. This reduction makes a huge difference in the energy required to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round.
  3. Solar panels provide energy savings for your home or business. While it’s difficult to predict your monthly savings without some specifics of your property and the system you would be installing, solar panels undeniably offer decades of reduced energy bills. As energy costs rise, the value of providing for some (or all) of your own electrical needs will only continue to increase.

Solar Panel Maintenance Requirements

Solar panels are surprisingly low maintenance. As long as the panels are kept clean and free of debris, you can expect uninterrupted function with rare exceptions. Solar technology has improved dramatically over the decades, and a reputable system today can be expected to last for 20-30 years. There’s no need for constant upkeep or frequent replacement of moving parts, as a solar panel system is durable and generally requires minimal care over its lifespan.

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If you’ve been putting off solar panels due to concerns about the impact on your roof, our team can help alleviate your worries. One of our professional inspectors can assess your roof’s condition and can provide a quote for any necessary work prior to the installation of solar panels. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection!

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