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Why Flat Roofs Are the Most Common for Commercial Roofing

flat roof

At United Contracting & Roofing, the experts in roof repair services in Atlanta, GA, we’ve seen them towering over buildings – flat roofs. But have you ever wondered why they’re so popular for commercial roofing? Well, let us tell you! From cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance to energy efficiency and versatile design options, flat roofs offer […]

Biggest Price Factors of Commercial Roofing Systems in Georgia

commercial roofing

Welcome to the latest blog by United Contracting & Roofing, the leading commercial roofing contractors in Atlanta, GA!  Here, we’ve uncovered the biggest price factors affecting commercial roofing systems in Georgia. From roofing materials and size to accessibility and local labor costs, these elements are crucial in determining overall expenses. Building code compliance, warranty options, […]

Common Roof Coating Problems And How To Avoid Them

roof coating

This article by United Contracting & Roofing, the expert provider of roof coating services in Atlanta, GA, aims to explore common roof coating problems and provide strategies for avoiding them. Roof coatings protect buildings from various environmental factors, such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, extreme temperatures, and moisture infiltration. By understanding the potential issues that can […]

Tips From Commercial Roofing Contractors To Extend A Roof’s Lifespan

commercial roof coating

This article by United Contracting & Roofing, the leading commercial roofing company serving Atlanta and the surrounding areas, aims to provide valuable tips from commercial roofing contractors on extending a roof’s lifespan.  Commercial roofs are subjected to various environmental and structural stressors, making regular maintenance and proper installation crucial for longevity. By implementing the recommendations […]

Advantages Of Duro-Last Roofing

Duro-Last roofing is popular for commercial and industrial buildings due to its numerous advantages. This article by United Contracting & Roofing, one of the leading Duro-Last roofing contractors in Atlanta, GA, aims to explore the benefits of Duro-Last roofing, including its exceptional longevity, easy installation process, energy efficiency, low maintenance requirements, customizable design options, superior […]

The Benefits of Commercial Roof Coating Vs. Replacement

TPO roofing

This article by United Contracting & Roofing, a leading roof coating services provider in Atlanta, GA, examines the benefits of coating a commercial roof as an alternative to replacement. The focus is on key aspects such as increased energy efficiency, reduced maintenance needs, extended roof life, cost savings, and environmental benefits. This examination shows that […]

Emergency Roof Repairs For Commercial Buildings: Immediate Solutions For Unforeseen Issues

commercial roof

Emergency roof repairs for commercial buildings are critical to building maintenance and management. Unforeseen issues such as severe weather conditions, structural damages, or equipment failures can pose significant threats to the integrity and functionality of a building’s roof. This article by United Contracting & Roofing, the trusted commercial roofing repair contractor serving Atlanta, GA, and […]

5 Common Commercial Roof Problems

roof repair services

Everyone has heard horror stories of disreputable contractors. You’ve heard of people who took the money and disappeared, left a job half-finished, or did a poor job and left their customers with damage and new problems.