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Is Your Home Covered?

Was your home impacted by the 3/3/23 hail storm?

Areas of Impact: Dahlonega, GA Dawsonville, GA

Roof Repair Insurance Eligibility

If you are a resident of Dahlonega, GA or Dawsonville, GA a free post-storm roof inspection may greatly benefit you. On March 3, 2023 a hail storm impacted your region. Hail is capable of causing major roof damage, and may also qualify homeowners to have their roofs replaced through their insurance company.

If your home has been impacted by hail or other storm damage, United Roofing would like to offer you a free roofing inspection including an assessment of your qualification for insurance coverage. Our team works directly with your insurance company, taking the stress and headache out of the process.

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What will hail do to my home?

When dense hail impacts a roof system, critical damage is often the result. When a roof is damaged by hail it fractures, dents or chips the roof system, immediately voiding the manufactures warranty. In most cases, hail damage does not cause the roof to immediately leak, however, it does significantly decrease the life expectancy and increases the risk of leaks in the future.

If hail and wind damage is a covered peril in your policy we are experts at working directly with insurance companies to restore your home.

What if there is no known leak from the damage?

In most policies, there is written in the fine print the obligation of the insured to report the loss/damage within a certain time frame. If the loss is not reported within a certain time period, your carrier has the legal right to not pay for the damage and or the future damage it may cause. It’s a FREE no-hassle piece of mind.

When you call a professional at United, we schedule an appointment with you, and we will provide you with photo documentation on-site to verify the damage or provide you the peace of mind that your home was not affected. Call us at 706.754.0071

Is my home eligible for insurance coverage for storm damage to my roof?

Please keep in mind that not every home will qualify for insurance benefits. However, all homes WILL qualify for a Free Roof Inspection. Please call our team FIRST. We will gather all the appropriate information to ensure the repair process is as simple as possible.

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