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Preparing Your Home for Inclement Weather

The Importance Of Being Prepared

Your roof is the number one thing keeping the inside of your home safe. It’s an exterior barrier that protects you against inclement weather and debris as well as helps against leaks that bring mold and mildew. Keeping your roof in great condition can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Damaging Effects Of Inclement Weather

Hail and Ice

Hail storms are tricky as they can easily damage the structure of your roof without appearing to have damage to your shingles. Many times roofs can handle the stress of hail storms but the damage beneath the surface can be incredibly detrimental. If the shingles do show damage, it’s usually in the form of hairline cracks that cannot be spotted from the ground. 

Rain and Storms

Rain is probably one of the most common problems for your roof. Little drops of water are always seeking some kind of crack. Getting water under your shingles can freeze and expand when the temperature fluctuates, can grow mold, and will ultimately weaken the structure of your roof. 

Heavy Winds

Whether or not a storm hits, heavy winds can carry debris, tree limbs, and other items that can damage your roof. Anytime you hear that howling sound, check for missing shingles and items that might have landed on your roof. 

How To Protect Your Roof

  1. Go through seasonal routine maintenance checks to make sure your roof is in good condition. Review our Seasonal Maintenance Checklist.
  2. Get a free inspection BEFORE a storm. This report will be proof of the condition of your roof, so if it is damaged, it will be easy to send claims to the insurance company. 
  3. Fix all roof damage, even if it seems insignificant. Many small cracks can signal larger problems beneath the surface. Repairing these small problems means a longer life for your roof.
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