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Protect Your Roof

Many people make new resolutions in the new year to take care of themselves. After all, it’s the perfect time to start fresh habits! However, this shouldn’t just stop at self-care. Making some new resolutions in the new year to take care of your largest physical asset can help save you thousands of dollars in the future. 

Steps to Protect Your Greatest Asset: Your Home

Here are some of our top proactive steps to protect your roof:

  1. Always clean your gutters. Winter and Spring bring many storms, so it’s essential to clean out your gutters on a regular basis. Clogged gutters over an extended period of time mean damage to the structure of your roof or walls. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to repair the damage, take some time each month to clear out anything clogging your gutters. 
  2. Check your vents. Heavy rain, wind, and storms can destroy the vent covers for your home. This means water can leak into your attic and cause thousands of dollars of damage and mold. Take a walk around your home to make sure all the vent covers are working properly after large storms. 
  3. Make any repairs asap. Even if you do take the best care of your roof, we realize that leaks still happen. Fixing these small leaks before they turn into large problems can save you time, money, and lots of headaches. 
  4. Get a free inspection. If you are unsure about the condition of your roof or if you want someone to review some damage, we work with hundreds of homeowners to help protect their homes. It only takes a minute to book a free inspection and could save you thousands of dollars for future repairs. 

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