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Red Flags to Look for When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Everyone has heard horror stories of disreputable contractors. You’ve heard of people who took the money and disappeared, left a job half-finished, or did a poor job and left their customers with damage and new problems. Maybe your friend or neighbor booked a job only to have the quote balloon as time went on. Families have returned home at the end of a long day only to find that the property is a mess, or that the crew never showed up for work that day. Each of these situations is deeply frustrating to customers, but knowing what red flags to watch out for can help you avoid dealing with such issues yourself!

At United Contracting and Roofing, we have been called to repair plenty of poor roofing jobs, many done by less than reputable contractors. While we appreciate the trust our customers place in us to resolve these situations, we are always disheartened to see another customer hurt by a disreputable contractor. Avoiding a bad contracting experience can require some legwork, but watching out for these red flags can help ensure that your choice of contractor will be worthy of your trust.

No references or portfolio

Always ask to see examples of previous work and speak to previous customers. Confirm that they have done work similar to your project – any contractor proud of their work should be happy to show you examples. A reputable contractor should have a list of satisfied customers to share. Making a few calls to confirm the experience of previous clients is definitely worth your time.

No insurance

Insurance is an extremely important factor to consider when hiring a contractor. if someone is injured on your property – or property is damaged – you can be held financially responsible. Ensuring that your contractor is fully insured will protect your interests, along with the workers who will actually be doing your roof.

Cash only

Every contractor should discuss payment options early in the discussion. Some may require an upfront cost before work starts to cover material costs, but any talk of full payment upfront or an insistence on cash only is a serious concern. There aren’t many reasons for demanding cash, and they are rarely a good sign of a trustworthy businessman. If cash is the only option, take your money and find someone else immediately.

High-Pressure sales

Contractors understand that research, budget, and planning are all key parts of a successful project and should respect the time it takes to go from the first contact to a signed contract. If a contractor expects a commitment immediately after an estimate or discourages you from getting additional quotes, you are wise to steer clear! It’s important that your contractor respects your project schedule, budget constraints, and other considerations. If just booking the job is the main goal, you are likely to find that their focus is more toward turning a quick profit and less on developing a reputation or quality work and satisfied customers.

Communication and reliability

One of the most common complaints about contractors is a lack of communication and reliability. Work doesn’t start on the scheduled date, crews don’t show up on time, or it’s impossible to reach the contractor when necessary. This is not only frustrating to the client, it is also unprofessional and disrespectful of the customer’s time and money. Remember, contacting previous customers can be a very worthwhile investment of your time.

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