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Selecting the Right Roofing Contractor: Avoid Red Flags and Look for Green Flags

A new roof is an important investment, and finding the right contractor can make the difference between a smooth project with incredible results or a stressful experience or even an uncompleted project. Business and home owners alike should assess each contractor, and remain vigilant about potential red flags that could indicate an unreliable roofing company.

Red Flags to Avoid

A Large Upfront Payment. One key red flag is the demand for a large upfront payment. Reputable roofing professionals typically request a reasonable down payment to secure materials, often a percentage of the entire project cost or possibly the entire cost of materials. A very high down payment may suggest financial instability or potential misuse of funds. However, keep in mind that if you are requesting unique materials or a significant amount of custom work, the down payment will likely increase to protect the contractor from lost expenses.


Unclear or Vague Contracts. A detailed, thorough contract is the foundation of a smooth roofing project. If the contract lacks clarity regarding the scope of work, responsibilities, payment schedules, and other crucial details, it leaves both you and the contractor unprotected. You may be left with no recourse against increased costs or unfinished work if the contract doesn’t specify the full scope of work and details the payment plan.


Lack of References. Established roofing contractors should readily provide a portfolio showcasing their past projects, along with references from satisfied clients. An absence of these credentials may indicate a lack of experience or a history of dissatisfied customers. Search online for reviews of the company, and ask around on social media or among friends and family. A poor reputation is hard to escape, and a trail of unsatisfied customers speaks volumes.


Communication. Effective communication is key in roofing projects. If a contractor is difficult to reach, delays their responses, or exhibits poor communication skills, it may lead to project delays and unnecessary frustration.


Permits. Roofing projects often require permits, and a responsible contractor knows the importance of adhering to local regulations. If your project requires permits, your contractor should be the one taking responsibility for those. Contractors who are resistant to obtaining the necessary permits or who require that the homeowner handles the process could signal a willingness to cut corners.


Pressure to Commit. Overly aggressive sales tactics – like steep discounts if you sign the contract right away – are a major red flag. A trustworthy roofing contractor values transparent communication and strives for a mutually beneficial relationship rather than rushing into a deal.

Green Flags to Seek

A reliable and trustworthy roofing contractor maintains open and transparent communication. They promptly address inquiries and concerns throughout the project, fostering a collaborative environment. A dependable contractor provides a detailed and comprehensive contract, ensuring that all aspects of the roofing project are clearly outlined. They demonstrate a proven track record of successful projects, including independent reviews online and from trusted sources like your own friends and family or former clients.

A responsible roofing company is compliant with local building regulations, obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring that the project aligns with all applicable codes. A respectable contractor will request a fair down payment to cover initial costs, demonstrating financial stability and a commitment to fair business practices. Details surrounding payment plans and forms of payment for the balance should be clearly outlined, then documented with receipts.

Our Pledge: Dependable Excellence and Lasting Roofing Solutions

At United Contracting & Roofing, our reputation is paramount. Home and business owners must remain vigilant about potential red flags, and embracing positive indicators will lead you to the right contractor for you. Choose a contractor who demonstrates transparent communication, a proven track record, compliance with regulations, fair payment practices, positive reviews, and client references to ensure a successful roofing project. We embody these positive qualities, providing home and business owners with confidence and peace of mind throughout their roofing journey. Our professional crews use proven techniques and top-tier materials to ensure a roof that withstands the test of time and will exceed your expectations.

Why Choose United?

Replacing your roof is a significant decision, and at United Contracting & Roofing, we are dedicated to simplifying the process. You can rely on us for a swift, efficient, and high-quality roof replacement that guarantees enduring protection for your home or business. Take the first step toward a secure and durable roofing solution by scheduling a free roof inspection with us.

Choose a roofing partner who not only understands the nuances of the trade but also prioritizes your satisfaction. Contact United Contracting & Roofing today for a roofing experience that seamlessly combines expertise, efficiency, and excellence. Your home deserves nothing less.

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