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5 Common Commercial Roof Problems

Roof maintenance and repairs are a necessary part of owning a commercial building. Whether you are facing storm damage or long term wear and tear, United Contracting and Roofing’s team of commercial roofing experts can solve the problem. Our professional team will be on site when promised to inspect and repair your roof quickly and cleanly, using only the best materials and top-tier workmanship.


Commercial roofing is very different from residential roofing, and signs of damage may be more challenging to spot. Watch out for symptoms of the most common problems with commercial roofs and prioritize annual inspections to enhance the longevity of your roof. Quality upkeep is the single most important factor in solving a problem the right way so that you prevent recurring issues.

Common Commercial Roof Issues

#1 – Leaks

A leaky roof is the most common issue that prompts a call to our office! Your roof can easily be an “out of sight, out of mind” sort of thing. Unfortunately, this means that normal wear and tear isn’t noticed until a problem occurs inside the building. The most common evidence of a leak is water damage to ceiling or walls, which leads to discovering issues with the roof. If you discover a leak, act quickly and contact experienced commercial roofer to fix the issue and prevent continued damage. A leaky roof is typically caused by the lack of proper maintenance schedule, damaged flashing, or unnoticed damage over time.

#2 – Standing Water

Even the best roof develops issues over time, and standing water is a sign that your roof needs immediate maintenance. Over time, a commercial roof can develop a sunken area or the drainage system may be blocked. If the roof was originally installed with an improper pitch, the issue of ponding water can be dramatically exacerbated. Even a flat roof must have a slight pitch to prevent standing water. Pooling water on your roof should trigger an inspection right away to solve the issue and prevent additional damage.

#3 – Wind Damage

High winds can lift materials off even a well-constructed roof, leaving cracks or holes that will allow water to penetrate the roof. Tropical storms or even strong storms with high winds can cause tremendous damage to a roof, especially if it had developed weak points. It is wise to have your roof inspected after a major storm, to be on the safe side and avoid damage that could have been detected and repaired right away. Early detection and prompt repair of wind damage allow you to avoid compounding issues like pooling water and leaks.

#4 – Punctures

A fallen tree, tropical storm debris, or just wear and tear from foot traffic can lead to tears in your commercial roof. The membrane is vulnerable to damage, especially from regular foot traffic which can cause gradual, unnoticed fissures in the material. If your roof has been punctured and the repairs will be claimed on your insurance, let our office staff handle the paperwork and simplify the claims process for you. Our professional roofers will ensure that your roof is fixed promptly, using the best materials and techniques.

#5 – Poor Maintenance

Many issues with commercial roofs stem from a lack of regular maintenance. Insignificant damage becomes problematic over time as weather and normal wear and tear turn a simple issue into a major problem. Improperly done repairs can lead to new problems as well, so always choose experienced commercial roofers for your business.

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