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Habersham Metal - 180,000 sq ft of coverage

This client had originally reached out to us for some work on a residential roof. When their commercial building of 180,000 square feet started to have leak issues, they reached out again to see what we could do.

Over several years, the client had been chasing various leaks throughout different areas of the warehouse. The roof was doing what most R Panels do: expanding and contracting with age and subsequently causing weak points, seam lapse, etc.

United Roofing was able to perform the repairs while the client was inside the building. Habersham Metal could continue their regular operations throughout the course of the repair. The client didn’t have to worry about down time or company shut down!

The solution we provided the client was a SPF Foam roof, where we apply 1.5″ of 2.8 close cell foam. On top of that, we put 2 coats of elastomate roof coating to achieve a 45mm thickness.

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Where this client once had a roof system that had various seams, roof fasteners, and failure points, they now have a fully monolithic roof system. Their roof is now not only water resistant, but also water proof!

If your business is experiencing various leaks throughout your building, call United Roofing. We can find the perfect solution for your needs, and keep you covered under special warranties.

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Habersham Metal – 180K sq ft Building

Habersham Metal – 180K sq ft Building

Over several years, the client was chasing various leaks throughout their building. United Roofing was…

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